Is my Cathylin dinnerware dishwasher/microwave safe?
Yes! For easy cleaning and heating, your dinnerware is both microwave and dishwasher safe.
How do I care for my Cathylin cutlery?
Dishes should be washed immediately after use to prevent food damage with a mild, lemon-free detergent that does not contain alcohol, chlorine or fragrance. After washing, dry the utensils with a soft towel.
Whether to support processing customization? 
Yes! If you want to customize a set of tableware that belongs to you, you can contact our customer service and tell them your needs (logo/printing/text), and we will communicate with the factory according to your specific requirements. Of course, the current number of personalized customization must meet certain requirements.
What countries do you ship to?
Orders may be placed for delivery within the United States.
Do you offer gift cards?
We do not offer gift cards at this time.